Thunderheart Puppy Contract
Breed: Giant Maso

Description :

Date of Birth:

Is sold for the sum of: $1000





RESTRICTIONS OF SALE; (This guarantees me the pup will never end up at a shelter, rescue or pound, and that the puppy is kept as healthy as possible so he/she lives a long, healthy life)

This puppy is sold as a companion animal, and must be STERILIZED within a reasonable time frame as determined by your vet. STERILAZATION IS NOT THE SAME AS SPAY OR NEUTER AND IS SAFER FOR YOUR PET!!!  This pup must never be used for breeding…This pup must be maintained within the household of the purchaser at all times (except for brief periods when the pup must be cared for by another due to temporary absence of owner from home) and may not be loaned , leased , gifted, traded , or resold at any time without written permission in advance from the breeder / seller. PERMISSION WILL BE GIVEN as long as the second owner also agrees to abide by this contract and is not someone that I have already refused to sell a pup to for whatever reason . If owner is unable or unwilling to continue to care for the pup/dog or is unwilling to sell this pup to a good home then it is to be returned to the seller for possible placement without refund of any kind, unless the above written permission is obtained. If such permission is given, new owner must sign a new contract, identical or similar to this one with breeder/ seller. This pup is the offspring of a new and developing breed of mastiff, therefore the buyer must be willing to accurately fill out questionnaires from time to time or send updates and pics on the pups progress and development, via, email…

The deposit made on a puppy is non-refundable unless I, the breeder, cannot supply you with a puppy within 1 year as our waiting lists can be quite long and I can’t control mother nature…  2 years for rare blues and blue fawns…If for any reason you cannot take the pup when it’s ready to go, then the deposit will be put toward another pup whenever one is available and you are ready to get one.


The pup/ dog is not to be kept in a crate except for crate training, and must have ample room for exercise. The pup/ dog must not be allowed outside unattended and without suitable control- that is a secure safe enclosure, fenced yard, or kennel, with protection from the elements, predators, and other hazards. The pup/dog is never to be kept on a chain as a permanent way of life. The pup/dog is to be given proper medical care including proper vaccinations on a schedule to be determined proper by your veterinarian.

All inoculations will be current when pup leaves for it’s new home.

The pup/ dog should have quality food and fresh water available at all times.

The pup/ dog must be checked by a veterinarian of the buyers choice within 72 hours, since I will not be responsible for the pup/dog after that time. The new owner is responsible for getting pups remaining vaccinations and keeping the pup parasite free.


The pup will come with records that you have to give to your vet on the first visit. The pup/ dog should have fresh water available at all times. The pup is on Life’s Abundance food or equivalent which is the absolute best food to keep him growing big and healthy and increasing his lifespan. This food can be ordered from http://www.lifesabundance.com/Home.aspx?realname=40072408&cat=0&hdr=&Ath=False.

or order it on my website on healthy pup food page and click link. It is your responsibility as his/her owner to keep the pup on this healthy food or equivalent, to prevent the health problems that commercial dogfood causes…

Within FIVE years of purchase, if the puppy/dog is found to have a genetic defect which causes severe disability or death, meaning something serious that cannot be fixed and could cause an early death, and was supplemented with ester C, Nuvet Plus, and fed Life’s Abundance or other holistic food as instructed by the breeder (keep all labels and receipts as proof of supplementation )and the buyer has a diagnosis in writing from his or her vet stating that the problem is genetic and is not the result from an injury, accident, disease or an acquired illness, an autopsy was performed if the dog was put down, and agrees to give the seller the written diagnosis and access to all of the pups medical records from any and all veterinarians the pup has visited, the seller agrees to replace the pup/dog with a puppy of like quality, not from the same breeding, as soon as a pup is available. The first pup will NOT have to be returned to receive a replacement pup.

PURPOSE OF CONTRACTThe pup/dog must be supplemented with the vitamin supplement called “NU VET PLUS and also be supplemented with ESTER C, daily for the entirety of it’s life, as both are very affordable and scientifically proven to help prevent numerous illnesses and diseases and to keep your dog in optimal health. Seller requires that this dog be given the supplement Nu Vet Plus and the ester C on a daily basis. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to purchase a supply of the Nu Vet supplement and ESTER C and see that it is given to the dog. This supplement must be ordered from NU VET LABS at 1 (800) 474-7044 and give discount order code # 28784. ESTER C can be ordered from 1 800 453-7516 or  https://www.amazon.com/PC-NetwoRx-Ascorbic-Vitamin-Powder/dp/B00YO62UVI/ref=sr_1_7_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1506287026&sr=1-7&keywords=Ascorbic+Acid+Vitamin+C+Powder+-+1+LB

Should a claim be made that the dog has developed health problems, it will be verified by the Seller that the Buyer has regularly purchased the supplement from Nu Vet Labs and the ESTER C and the pup has been fed Life’s Abundance or any equivalent nutritous holistic food . (This is to give your dog an optimal immune system and to prevent dysplasia and many other health problems as it is MUCH less expensive to prevent health problems than trying to cure them)
The purpose of this contract is to ensure breeder/seller that this pup/dog will be treated as part of the family, will have a quality life and a long and healthy life with it’s new family and will never under any circumstances end up at the dog pound. It is also to ensure that the new owners of this pup/dog will be responsible and caring owners. By signing this contract and/0r placing a deposit, the purchaser agrees to all provisions in this contract and on the website


Failure to honor any part of this contract by either party shall result in legal action the cost of which shall be solely born by the party found to be at fault.Should any of this contract be found to be illegal or invalid or unenforceable in the State of Virginia and West Virginia, the remainder of the contract in its entirety is to remain valid and enforceable.By signing below and disclosing their names and addresses the parties acknowledge that they have read and understand this contract in its entirety and agree to abide by and be bound by it.


Signature of Purchaser Date


Signature of Breeder/ Seller Date




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