Dear Terri,
I must write and tell you about the Giant Maso puppy that I got from your kennel. Her name is Isis and she is gorgeous. Her coat is jet shiny black with copperish gold streaks. I believe you call it brindle. She has a wonderful personality and unlike some of the mastiffs she doesn’t drool. It’s a relief not to carry a towel around or a bucket to catch the drips. She loves to retrieve anything that you want her to and she is very fond of water. She also knows the names of her different toys, example, get your duck, or bear, or monkey, etc. She is very affectionate and loves people, she also adores my cats. She is great around my horse as well. She stays in the house most of the time and wants to be in the same room as you. However since I operate my own Insurance Agency out of my home, she has learned to stay when and where she is told. She has never been crate trained. She learns very quickly and for the size dog 135lbs, (at ten months) she is very agile. Don’t get me wrong she is fed Pro-Pet puppy food and is not fat. Weight is not size and she is very muscular and lean. She can cover the 6+ acres that we live on in a heartbeat. I look forward to hearing about another litter in the future. I know that you said this is a developing breed, but as wonderful as she is I hope that you don’t change a thing.
Bonnie Woods

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I forgot to tell you how wonderful she is with the kids. They literally
pull her by the tail, inspect her every part mostly her mouth and teeth. The baby lays all over her and takes food out of her mouth while she is eating. The baby has even play smacked her in the face many times (not being mean, trying to play) they torture her in my opinion at times lol not intentionally of course but the dog has NEVER NEVER even raised her head at them or growled or anything . This dog is a DREAM dog for children!! Thanks again for our wonderful “4th child” Amanda

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