Nikita, (A Giant Maso pup), visiting with Virginia’s Governor, Mark Warner.

Hey Terri,
I guess it is getting close to a year. Nikita has been awesome… her
personality is great, she’s been to basic obedience as well as a couple
private lessons, it’s like she reads minds! Her health is good, too.
She strained her back a little at the beach so I brought her to a vet to
get see if she had any permanent damage and they prescribed anti biotics
and pregnazone as an anti inflammatory. Then I had x-rays taken (Cary
St. Vet clinic). The x-rays came out fine; straight back and solid
hips (I knew you would want to hear that) and she’s made a full
recovery. She’s still a bit of a puppy, loves to play and all, but she
listens and is becoming more aware of her size. My housemate has a 19
lb. Pikenese and the two of them generally get along unless they’re
establishing dominance, then the Pikenese gets what she wants. I’ve
included a couple pictures… of course she is much bigger these days.


Here are some recent pictures of King George. He is a great dog and we are
thrilled to have him! He is wonderful with the baby – he just wants to lick
all over her. We just have to watch his tail, because he doesn’t know how
big he is. He is going on Monday for his yearly shots so we will find out
his exact weight, but we think he is around 150 lbs, and he still appears to
be growing. He’s got a tough life – he and the pug lay around the house all
day, they may get a walk but they are so spoiled that a long walk will have
them sleeping for days! They have their own toy box full of toys and bones,
and love to play chase around the house. They have beds in almost every room
and also enjoy running around the backyard. Then once they come back inside,
it’s time for another nap!! What a life!

Hope you and your family are well and had a good holiday.

Samantha, Chris, Abby, George and Hercules


We named the dog Otto. Below is Otto’s growth chart in order to give you an idea of what his growth curve looks like. We weigh him on the same scale at the Vet’s about the 5th of every month.

Otto has had no health problems. All of his shots, etc. are up to date. The Vet did tell us at the first puppy visit that it wasn’t a good idea to shampoo him. He has never been shampooed and he has a beautiful coat. Mainly a lustrous black with a few gray slivers thrown in.

He has been fed with only one dog food, IAM’s puppy food for large breeds. Everyday, in his food he gets Vitamin C and glucosamine.

His temperament is a delight!! Someone described him as “mellow.” He does not bite, although he likes to mouth objects. He is good with kids, but he doesn’t realize how big he his so sometimes the kids may be inadvertently knocked over.

He is very trainable and educable. He does mind when he is told things, such as stop and sit, etc. We have the invisible electric fence and it took him all of two sessions to understand what that was all about. He does not even try to leave the yard. He was extremely easy to house train.

He is very protective and appears scary to others when he is barking because of his size. However, if he is challenged he’s somewhat of a whuss in that he retreats to the master.

He has to be around people. Whatever room we are in there is Otto. I think he thinks he is people.

We are moving to North Carolina in November, but I still want to breed him and have one of the litter. In fact, I think it would be nice to have three dogs like Otto.

Let me know if you have any other questions. In summary, we couldn’t be happier with him.

Tom Kerkering

Here is our Pretty Girl at 10 months old. 120 pounds. She is wonderful. She is always attentive to her people, always ready to please. She did get the slobber gene, however! (We don’t mind.) She sleeps with my son in his bed at night and comes with me to the farm every day to run and play. Her coat is so soft and shiney-she gets lots of compliments. She has been easy to train to sit, stay, come. She does have to be reminded to be gentle with our 14 yr old collie-she loves to drag him around the house by his tail…she’s a strong girl!
She has been a delightful addition to our family. Thank you! Cindy Brand

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