How to purchase a pup/deposit

The first step to purchasing a pup from Thunderheart Farm is to contact me and let me know what you are interested in. I can fill you in with information on the breed and then see if this breed is right for you. You would then need to sign a contract guaranteeing me the pup will never end up at the pound (the written health guarantee is also in this contract) All pups come with registration papers, a five year written hip/health guarantee, and NO STRINGS!!!!! Our pups are available to loving and responsible homes only. You may contact me by E-Mail at
We usually have the puppies sold before they are born so the following is a way to ensure you can take home the puppy you want.

We will take deposits prior to the whelp of the litter. The deposit is a minimum of $250-$750, before whelping and always half down once they are born. The picks will be in the order of the deposits received reserving pups by color and gender. The deposit will be applied toward the total purchase price of the puppy. If you get first pick, it is always after we pick ours, if we choose to do so.
Deposits are non-refundable! Read contract before placing a deposit… By signing this contract and/or placing a deposit, the purchaser agrees to all provisions in this contract and on the website..If you cannot get a pup when it is ready to go then your deposit will be put toward another pup when you are ready to get one… If there aren’t enough pups available in one litter than your deposit will be put toward the next litter until you get the pup that you want. The deposit will be refunded to the Buyer if the Seller fails to make available the above said pup/dog to the Buyer within 1 year, as our waiting lists are usually quite long.

The purpose of the deposit is to insure the Buyer’s intent to purchase the above-described puppy/dog. The deposit is not refundable for any reason, and the deposit is the total amount of money paid thusfar. It is up to you the buyer, to read and understand our policys. All advertisements include our website address with the policys listed on it.
A breech of contract, either verbal, written, or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on the Buyer’s part, can jeopardize the chance of finding the above said pup/dog a new home as quickly as possible. Deposits are NOT refundable, in order to insure the Buyer’s commitment to purchase the above pup/dog, to insure the Buyer pays the balance due as indicated above, and to insure that the Buyer accepts delivery of the pup/dog at that time, or the Buyer will pay a boarding fee of $10.00 per day, along with any other expenses incurred towards the pup/dogs upkeep.
Puppies are typically ready to go at seven to eight weeks of age. Should the buyer request that the puppy be held for a period beyond 7 days after this time, a boarding charge of $10.00 per day will be accrued, unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been made between the parties, IF I am able and willing to board the pup.
Please know that the balance remaining on the puppy is due once the puppy reaches 7-8 weeks of age or before if shipping. If payment on the puppy is not received by such time, the deposit which is the total amount of money paid thusfar, is considered forfeited and puppy will be placed with another family. We also reserve the right to refuse to sell a pup to anyone for any reason and at any time, and if we refuse to sell a pup to someone who already has money down on a pup, then the full amount that was paid, will be returned… Once you are in position of puppy you have 72 hours to have it checked by a vet and to return it if anything is wrong. We do not pay vet bills. It is up to you as his new owner to see that he gets any treatment necessary for his health and upkeep.
Both Parties agree that the law of the State of Virginia and West Virginia shall apply to this Deposit Agreement and that this Deposit Agreement shall be enforceable in Virginia and West Virginia.

Our prices are as follows:
Giant Masos are $1000.00. Deposit is $250-$500 down before being born and half down after being born. (sold as pets only. This breed will take many years to complete, as we want it done right, and we are in no hurry. Once the breed is established we would then consider breeding rights. In the meantime, the pups we don’t keep will be sold as pets only, and will come with a spay / neuter contract)

Rare Blue and blue Fawn Giant Masos are $1500 and deposit is either $375 or $75o

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