I’m sorry it has taken us so long to get pictures together on Mya. Carol has run out of space on her phone twice with all the pictures.
So the next few emails will give you a chronological “The continuing adventures with Mya”
You have been so wonderful in helping us and advising us on all things Mya and all our other issues – other dogs, homes, new homes other new homes…kids…..less kids, plumbing, inspections, electrical, you name it. You and John are treasured good friends.
The sequence is over multiple weeks and months. You will be all caught up in the end!
So here is week 1… For the record Dad was not so thrilled with having a 4th dog and a 2nd Mastif. But one kiss and all was forgotten. The first few weeks were all “Daddy”







Week 2 The other dogs were not so crazy about Mya, but as time went on they accepted their lot in life and figured it all out. In the meantime Mya took over….everything…

Week 3 Mya was always thirsty… It was August and hot. She was trying out everything..even my pants!

Week 4 … All the dogs are best friends. Max here thinks he is in control…but just a few weeks later Mya is bigger than him, and playing with her isn’t as much fun as it used to be 🙂

Mom is now the center of her life. They are inseparable. though rather heavy!


Mya gets her first walk in the neighborhood. We almost cause accidents as people can’t get over the site of Minnie Mouse and Mya filling the sidewalk!

Sept  2017   Mya is now in her element. Max is too small, but Minnie is just the right size to play with. After a long day of playing a Mastiff just has to cool those ears down!

OCT  2017  Still growing…into her feet, her head, her ears and her tail!


NOV 2017  Mya and Minnie in crime! Minnie quickly learning she’s getting too old for this stuff. Can’t tell who’s who at this point.


Sharing the $5,000.00 couch, bundling up for a winters walk and taking a long winters nap.Yes she is still growing. Have not been to the vets in 2 months, but at 6 months we’re expecting her to be around 90lbs. Final comment….will the stores run out of food for her :)More growing to come……..Thanks Terry and John ………she’s a beauty and a joy!














































Here’s Toni with her Baby. Can’t tell you how much joy she brings her.
Gotta say this dog just plain ole loves her. Never known anything or any dog to be such a loving being.
Had to share so ya know. We are very thankful.
God bless ya all.

Hello terri ,
Its been a couple of months since I emailed-sorry I’m busy with school! Prada is doing great an is about 155lbs. An seems to be still growing. I definitely wanna get her a buddy but I’m too busy right now with school. She is still my angel an everyone who meets her falls in love. Its funny because whenever we go to Petsmart an encounter a dog that’s intimidated by her size she will lay down an let the smaller dog sniff an lick all over her. Its almost like she knows the other dogs are afraid of her so she does that to let them know she won’t hurt them although she’s not too fond of other dogs coming up to me!!! If I had a penny for all the compliments I’ve had on her I would be a millionaire! I thank you both again an will forever thank you for raising such wonderful dogs. She is absolutely a dream come true an the best friend I’ve ever had. I’m getting ready to go to nags head,NC on vacation an Prada can’t wait to swim in the ocean an then were going to lake gaston the first week in august an she’s ready for the boat an lots of fun!! Hope you are doing well and thank you again for what you do!!!
Take care,
Brooke Barham (mommy to the most beautiful maso around)
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Hi There! Sorry its been so long since we chatted. Summer is super busy
with the kids home and we’re making the most of it! I wanted to send a
picture of the sweet boy on our family vacation. He enjoyed the pool and the
beach:) I have him in puppy classes so I’ll know how to work with him
better. I need video of that class! Everyone has these little westies and
poodles doing laps around them the whole time, and Gromit is just sitting
next to me or laying down looking up at me like ” why am I here?” He truly
is the BEST dog and we love him soooo much. He’s certainly bigger than that
picture now but Jon just downloaded those last night so…hopefully I’ll
have some others soon. He’s growing by the day! Even my Vet has threatened
to keep him, he’s so good. Hope you all are well and enjoying your summer.
Keep in touch, Jess

just had to send this too you…….ok now for the collective aawwwwwwwwwww

Hi Terri,

We purchased one of your Maso puppies from the July 2007 liter you had. Our Maso is named Neo. He is now 1yr old and well on his way over the 150lb mark. He is such a fantastic dog. We couldn’t be happier with him. We had lost our protector that was a 4 yr old rottie shortly after we brought Neo home and we are happy to say that he filled her shoes well. I’m enclosing some pictures for you to enjoy. Thanks again Terri. God Bless, you and your family!

Hey Terri –
I just wanted to send you a few pics of my beautiful Maso Mastiff Puppy – Norman. He is absolutely the best dog I have ever had and I don’t know what I would do without him!! He is 14 mos now, and over 150 lbs. Thank you so much for giving me Norman!


Leroy above

Hey Terri! just wanted to send you some holiday photos! She was 7.8 pounds when we got her and now she’s 13.3 pounds 2 weeks later! perfect health and a hit at the vet! Thanks again for such a great puppy! Merry Christmas!!!!!!


And the old man gets a kiss, how great is that!!
7 month old Max and I went hiking together for the first time this last weekend and he was excellent. He caught on to
Commands and followed the trail without difficulty. What a fantastic puppy.


BEAR, pictured above
2 December 2005
Hi Terri,
It has been a while since my last email and I just wanted to check in with you to give you an update on Bear. Tomorrow is his second birthday and we have his present all ready for him – a brand new soccer ball (he’s been through about four so far). As of today, he weighs 190 pounds and is 30 inches tall.
I also wanted to let you know how truly pleased we are with Bear. He is a real joy and has a great personality, and the bonus is that he is not a big drooler! He is very loving and very family oriented, and is always eager to please. He is also quite sharp and seems to understand a lot. For instance, he knows what the word “present” means and is grateful for all the fun or tasty presents he gets from us. He will prance around the house for a few minutes with the present in his mouth to show his happiness, and then go about playing with it – or eating it depending on what it is. He understands, “clean up your mess”, when he knocks his food out of his bowl, and will usually go back and clean up at least some of it. He’s also a great walker and absolutely loves going for walks and sits patiently while we put on his collar and leash, then rushes toward the door.
We have received so many compliments from strangers on the street as well as from neighbors and family, all stating what a beautiful dog he is, friendly and well behaved.
With a dog as great as Bear, it is very hard not to get another one! If only we had the room. I’m sure Bear would love a playmate.
Attached is a picture of Bear. Enjoy!

Thanks again,

Laura and Randy Sawyer

Hello and welcome to Thunderheart Farm. At Thunderheart we have some very special breeds of dogs, including Old English Mastiffs, the largest dog in the world, not to be confused with the Bull Mastiff, which is a much smaller breed, and Giant Masos, (the same size as the Old English) a new, healthier, and more active, breed of mastiff, in development, being bred only at Thunderheart and Woodland Farm. The mastiffs in our lives have brought immeasurable love and joy and we hope to bring you the same joy that we have experinced, with the wonderful, loving, and healthy pups that are born here. All of our pups come with an unheard of FIVE YEAR hip and health guarantee. We breed only the best of temperaments for you and your family. Our dogs have many, many close champions in their pedigrees, starting with the grandparentsof the pups.Some of the champions include: CH Enchanted acres Trust Me (Grandfather), CH Creekveiws King Henry of Safe HavenCD,CH Hedgestones Big Man, CH Ironhills Portfolio(Grandfather), CH Burns hall Zackery, CH Ironhills Warwagon, CH Lyon’s Lair, CH Semper Fi Gropetti Gargoyle and many, many ,many, more. Our pups are always born in the house, raised on our small farm with children, other dogs, horses, a parrot, 3 cats,and are very well socialized before leaving for their new homes. Most of our mastiffs have big wide heads but also have the tighter lips, as you will notice in the pictures, which means they don’t drool at all or drool a whole lot less!!!. That way you can spend more quality, “FUN” time with your dog and less time running around cleaning up. So if you are looking for a great quality, well socialized and healthy companion with a five year guarantee,then you have come to the right place.We always back up what we sell, “because we care” and we have excellent references available.Why settle for less? To get on our waiting list for Old English Mastiffs or Giant Masos), e-mail your interest to ThrtKennel@aol.com. Please read our on-line contract and “how to purchase a pup” pages on our website.Our pups are sold to loving, caring, and responsible homes only. For more information on this please contact me. I hope you enjoy our website and feel free to contact me, even if just to send a smile!
Email us to reserve your pup!

Dear Terri ,

Its been almost a year since I came to see you and brought home that
wonderful little ball of fur. I am the one who came from NJ and got
one of the two remaining pups from one of your litters. Actually it
was one of your sons pups I believe. I just wanted to write and tell
you what a wonderful addition to our family this dog has
been. EVERYONE loves him. He is the celebrity of the
neighborhood. We named him after your town Bumpass….because I was
really impressed with the town..and he just looked like a Bumpass
🙂 So he is Bump for short. He is without a doubt the best dog I’ve
ever had. I couldnt have asked for a better dog. The care and pride
you take in breeding your dogs really shows in him..all 225 lbs and
still growing him 🙂 He is a kind gentle and loving addition to our
family. His constant antics always have us smiling… I just wanted to write you this
quick email and let you know how happy we are and how much we thank
you. Anytime anyone mentions they are interested in Mastiffs I
recommend them to your website. I’ve included a few pics of the
little devil. Thank you again

Jim Heath

Glad you got the pictures. He certainly is a big boy
🙂 The vet figures he will be between 225 and 240 when he finally
stops growing. You certainly may put it on your website. I cant
thank you enough for this dog..he is wonderful. Please feel free to
put any correspondence and/or pictures you want on your
website. I’ll keep you posted later on his growth and the adventures of Bump.
LOL Had to send this one to ya — It’s a dogs life. She’s happy and having a ball.

I got a puppy from you back in March. I wanted to send some pictures over. She is doing great! Lots more energy and getting bigger everyday. She is very well behaved, and SOOO affectionate. She is such a lap dog, and loves to sleep on me. She is about 7 1/2 months, and about 80-90lbs. I love her so much. Thanks for a great friend!!!!!!!
(There’s a couple pictures of her playing with another mastiff my friend owns that is 2 weeks older than her. They love to play together!)

Hey Terry and Chaz!
We haven’t emailed you or send you any updates on our Mack we wanted to show you him now at one years and about 5 months! He is such a great dog, I cant get on your web site and not want another one!! He LOVES to go on our boat on the river and even has his own life vest! He can not play in the water enough!! We call him our “Superstar” because everywhere we go everyone wants to know all about him and touch him and everything else!! We got him a “sister” in the fall a Newfoundland and he watches her like its his job. They are a great pair!! I have already recommended you to numerous people and we definitely will be getting another pup from you some time in the future!! Just thought we would let you know what a blessing he is! =) Thanks again Josh and Lexi

Hi Terry,
I know it is has been forever since I have sent you an update on Rhody. Rhody is a female that we bought from you and your son last March. My two children ages 4 and 6 are in love with her. Rhody is the best dog I have ever met around children. She has been to several show-n- tells in my son’s preschool. She attends birthday parties and makes visits to our local elementary school. She has even been to Disney World….needless to say she was a huge hit…she drew quite the crowd!

Rhody is currently 10 months old and last time we weighted her (which was a few months ago) she was 115 pounds…I am sure she is a lot heavier then that now.
Oh I also have to tell you she is a dream on the leash. I take her jogging with me and the kids in the double running stroller and she is wonderful!! We have become celebrities in our neighborhood! We just love her to death!
Anyway, here are a few pictures of Rhody..I thought they came out really well so I wanted to share them with you. My husband is still in Iraq so I was taking pictures of her to send to him but I thought I would pass them on to you as well,.
Hope all is well and hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Liz Mras

TRITON above
Moose is doing well. He is getting bigger by the day and doing great with his obediance. I cant imagine my life without him, he has become a very important part of this household.
Thanks again,


E-MAIL US AT ThrtKennel@aol.com

Email us at thrtkennel@aol.com to reserve the best dog you ever had!

Iris’s pup from us, Gentle Ben, mastiff (32 inches tall at 1 yr old) below

Thank you so much for the two wonderful dogs. Zeus and Athena seem to be doing quite well. He is more gentle than I thought he would be. She is very fisty! We are enjoying them both and they are great additions to our family. Attached are a few pictures. We are thankful to have found such wonderful breeders. I will never own any other type of dog.
Thank you again
Leeann the proud owner of Zeus at 6 months old and Athena as a pup

Suga and Ghost… Old English Mastiffs

Maso Madness!!

Hey guys,
I just had to send you these pictures my husband took the other day of Harley asleep on the couch with our 5 year old daughter, Avery. These two are the best of friends. They just love each other. Avery has even taught Harley some tricks all by herself. We taught Harley to shake and Avery went behind us and taught Harley how to “shake” and then how to “shake with your other hand (paw)”. We didn’t even know she had taught Harley this until Avery showed us one day. Harley will be a year old in about a month and we still feel so lucky to have her. Thankyou so much for giving us the best dog we could have ever asked for. I just had to show you these pictures. We can’t imagine anything sweeter than a 100+ pound puppy asleep on the couch practically hugging our daughter.
Amy and Eric Runyon


Hi Terri,
My husband and I bought a Giant Maso from you back in the winter of ’03. I wrote you a while back and said that I needed to send you some pictures of her. Well, I finally remembered to do that!
We are so very happy with Shylah. She is a great dog. We have fenced in our back yard and she loves to run and “play” soccer. She has 2 soccer balls and so far that is all she has had but I do believe a new one is going to be in need. She is a very smart dog too, knows when she has done wrong and smiles at you when you walk in the door. She is definitley a “people” dog! The kids love her and she loves the kids. My husband is in the military and away right now. It is amazing to watch Shylah miss him. For about the first week or so she didn’t eat much and she didn’t want to do anything but lay around. She loves him dearly. She has shown her protective side more than once! No one can park in front of our house or come down the sidewalk without her letting us know. She does bark at everyone that passes the front of the house as well. (we are in a cul-de-sac)
Thank you so much for selling her to us! We love her to pieces!!
Kelly McKenney

Shylah picture below

Terri ,
Long time…but I wanted to write and give you a picture of Angus and Buttercup. They are without a doubt the best dogs we have ever owned and have given us so much pleasure. they definately rule the household. Angus is truly a wildman…he has boundless energy and is one fun guy to have around. He loves the kids…especially my youngest that he has decided is his…You rough house with Eliza and he comes over to let you know that if you hurt her he will not be a happy camper. Buttercup is the sweetest most loveable dog ever. She loves everyone and is a regular as the local football & soccer games with her jersey on socializing with all. Angus prefers to stay home with me and for some reason is not too fond of most other male dogs. But I think that is just because he like to think he is a tough guy.

Here is a picture from Christmas…Angus weighs about 180 and Buttercup is about 150. They both just had full check-up and the vet said that Angus definately has not reached his full size as he has mostly just muscle mass and has not yet filled out. We have stuck to the feed you recommended and kept up with Ester C and Nuvet product. Angus especially is a piggy when it comes to both.

Just wanted to give you a quick update and say thank you

Steve Miskovitz
Steve’s 2 gorgeous Mastiffs below


Hi Terri!!! My husband and I got our wonderful Maso Drake from you at the end of July. I sent these pictures to some of my friends and I wanted to send you some to update you on him. He is really the best dog in the world and the cutest (I might be biased). We went through a little chewing stage but hopefully we are over that. He is so smart and knows so many key words. He really knows “Kip” that is our big yellow tom cat. When we say Kip, Drake will look up at the stairs to see if Kip is sitting on the step he usually sits on. He is the biggest teddy-bear in the world and always has to be next to us. Everyone he meets loves him and says how lucky we are. He is so “sexy” as I call him and we love him more than words can say. Let me know if you get the pictures because I really want you to see how beautiful he has gotten. He was the cutest puppy in the world as well and it is so crazy to look at old pictures and think that it’s the same dog. Hope you are doing well and breeding away. Thanks.

Karen Case

Hi Terri
I wanted to email you and tell you how waesome my Sampson is! We got him from you a year and a half ago and he is still the biggest baby in the world! He loves my kids and even tattles on the babies when they are up to something they shouldn’t be! We have moved from South Dakota to North Carolina and are glad to be closer to you. We will be wanting a playmate for Sam soon, we were thinking a Maso… Will you be having puppies anytime soon?
If you’d like to see our big guy you can click on this link

Thank you so much for the best dog in the world!!!

Hi Terri
My last e-mail bounced back so I’m not sure if you got it or not.
I wanted you to see Sampson, he’s a year and a half 150+ and the biggest baby in the world!
He still wants to be a lap dog and thinks he’s the size of a toy poddle! In his puppy training class at 9 months
he was bowing down to Shitzus!!! I told him he was embarrassing me : )
He and my girls have a great relationship, he is like a brother always tattleing when they do something wrong. He’s even informed me a time or two of the danger they were about to get in to!! He’s the best dog I have ever owned! Thank you! We are looking to get him a friend and are concidering a Maso will you be having another litter soon?
Here are some pictures of our baby boy Sampson

Thanks again
NikiJo Bluth

beef 02011paint






Apparently I have too much free time on my hands today…LOL. Thought you would enjoy these. He is so freakin cute!!!!!
Christie Inman
Wife to Gary, Mommy to
Dean * Cassie * Meggie * Jacob
& one very spoiled
Old English Mastiff!
Absolutely you can put them on your site!!!! You can also add that we LOVE him completely!!!! He is the best dog we have ever had!!!
Thanks again!!
Christie Inman

MEET MATER…… Old English Mastiff Pup


I can’t tell you what a wonderful puppy Dozer is. He was house trained when
we brought him home and has been great.
He just went to the vet 1/3/07 and he weighed 40lbs!! Here are some more
pics of our BIG spoiled pup! One is him lying on my daughters bed, one is
him sucking my daughters thumb ( yes, he really does that ) and one pic is
of him being adorable!
Thanks !! Sherry
Dozer, Old English mastiff pup

Dozer Now, What a beauty!!




Hi Teri,
It’s been awhile since we’ve sent you a picture of Ripley, the maso we purchased from you back in June. He is doing really well, growing quickly and making the whole family happy! I continue to view your website and just amazed at all the beautiful pups you breed. Thanks!

Kerri & Jim Jenkins

To Greg at The Toy Store,
I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome car! I was a little leary of purchasing a corvette online, but after reading about the owner and the 40 years you have been in business and your customer satisfaction, I figured, why not go for it! I am soooo glad I did! This car is all you said it to be and more. Much more! It is immaculate inside and out and drives like a dream! Now my mastiffs and I can ride in style!! Good thing they don’t slobber!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!! Terri Kershner
If anyone is interested in a quality corvette than check them out at “The Toy Store” and ask for Greg at http://www.vettenet.com or http://www.vettenet.com/testimonials.asp

Oh, No!! We’re Next!!

Over 300 pets vaccinated at clinic
Three Old English Mastiffs peer through the back gate of a horse trailer as Brahma, their kennel mate, “gets the needle” from Z Louis Klein DVM. Over 300 pets were vaccinated against rabies by Klein or Christine Jones, Dvm, at the county sponsered clinic last Sat. at the Louisa County Office Building in the town of Louisa. Owners also purchased County tags for their animals. The curious mastiffs are owned by Terri Kershner of Lake Anna.
Courtesy of The Central Virginian Newspaper.Pictures by Pat Wilson

Dozer Jr and Sheena sailing away

Dakota, a Giant Maso puppy cuddeling with Christine in Long Island New York. Maso’s adore their kids!!!




Giant maso pup at 5 weeks old (Thunderheart’s Gentle Dove)

Almost the whole litter at 5 weeks old


I tried to attach a picture of Brutus at 4 months but the file it is too
big. I’ll send them to you the old fashioned way!

We can’t thank you enough for this wonderful animal. He is beautiful; just
a little spot of white on his chest, his black mask is impressive, reaching
back to his ears which are just a little bit lighter than his mask. He is
currently 73 pounds and gaining about a pound a day. The vet is very
pleased with his progress.

His temperament and intelligence is unlike any other dog that either of us
have had. He is the sweetest, most affectionate animal who was
house-trained when you gave him to us at 7 weeks. I can count the number of
accidents on one hand and those were due to us not noticing when he went to
the door wanting to go out. He now whines and goes to the door. He has not
chewed on ANYTHING other than his chew toys and of course, our Great Dane,
Caesar; with whom he now sleeps cradled on Caesar’s chest or hind quarters.

Despite his impressively loud snoring, (and OH, that flatulence problem!) he
is so far, not a drooler. Not even a little, not even when food is present.
As far as food, you were right, he’ll eat anything, but he is not
ill-mannered about it. He doesn’t beg nor does he steal food when it is in
reach. He is such a joy.

Thank you so much,
Edie Broadhead

Sugar pictured at 7 mos old.




Every child should experience the “love and joy” of a mastiff puppy

warm, cuddly and watching TV as the snow falls outside


9 WEEK OLD GIANT MASO PUPPY (built for comfort, not speed)

Hi Terri,
I just wanted to forward you maggies christmas picture. She was just like a little kid seeing Santa for the first time! I also have to tell you that she means the world to us and don’t know what we would ever do without her. I am taking her to the vet next week to have her weighed because we can no longer hold her and weigh her on our scales we think she is atleast 100# if not more! I measured her last week and she is 27′ at the shoulder. She has the sweetest disposition and is just the best, we love her so much!

Trish Rhoades



KALUA above

oh yeah please do. It’s an awesome pic. It’s totally festive. She actually has her back feet on the ground. You can’t really see it because of the border but trust me she was trying to get all the way on his lap. And he was like how much does she weigh, I told him a whole whopping 112lbs. lol. Not even a year yet santa is what I told him. She draws so much attention. Everybody who comes in contact with her loves her so much. It’s great. In fact Terri do you have business cards you could send me because I tell so many people about your website but they never have paper or a pen handy. Let me know because I’ll pass them out if you want. Thanks again Terri, and keep in contact with me about our male. Thanks again.
Casey Heusler

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