1) What is the difference between the mastiff and the Giant Maso?

The mastiff is a 2000 yr old breed. The Giant Maso is a more popular designer breed in development and has been since 2001, 14 years. The origin of The Giant maso is typically 75% to 85% Old English mastiff and the rest Cane Corso mastiff (NOT to be confused with the Presa Canara, they are NOT the same thing!!!)

that are bred only from selected dogs of each breed. The Cane corso is used to guard livestock in Italy and is a breed that is excellent around other animals, cats, chickens etc…And awesome around children. The Old English Mastiff is also excellent around animals and children. The Giant Maso is a leaner, more muscular, less fat mastiff than the Old English, and also more active. They are good for active families who like to hike or jog. The Old English mastiff is typically a lazy dog, preferring to lay on the couch, but some of the leaner ones are more active. They both tend to look similar in appearance, color and size. The maso is bred to not slobber and live longer and be healthier due to the leaner physique and more active lifestyle. But unlike alot of mastiffs, our mastiffs do not slobber either… We breed the mastiffs that have no hanging, heavy jowls in which slobber is created. Our mastiffs are tight lipped…

2) What makes the best pet? MALE OR FEMALE? The female is the most nurturing pet, staying close to home, family and especially the children. Females are known as great babysitters and will always be right by your side, protecting those in their family. Females have even tighter lips than males. The males are more independant minded, liking to do their own thing. The males get larger than the females though, so are more intimidating looking, but friendly. Males are generally big goofballs, hilarious in their play, and very entertaining clowns. They get a little more serious and protective, when grown, at around 3 or 4 yrs old. Either one is bred to protect though if the situation warrents it…So overall, females are excellent for staying closest to the kids, males are excellent for family entertainment and protection a little later than a female would be…

3) Is the maso the same as the American mastiff? No. The Giant maso is a cross using the Italian mastiff and mostly English mastiff so the Giant Maso is ALL Mastiff. The American Mastiff is a cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and an English mastiff.

4)What gets bigger? The maso or the mastiff? Our tallest dog is a maso. But we also have some masos that are smaller than some mastiffs and some mastiffs that are smaller than some masos. And some mastiffs smaller or larger than other mastiffs. The females are typically 145-170 and males 170-210. NONE of them are small…Nutrition plays a big role. Also the leaner they are the healthier they stay… You can pretty much make the dog weigh what you want by overfeeding it junk but this IS NOT HEALTHY!!!

5) Does color have anything to do with disposition? No. But for people who want a dog for protection, we reccommend a brindle only because the “look” is more intimidating… Even though they are just as sweet!! Also the brindles can come in amazing color patterns that are absolutely gorgeous!!!

6) Why is a mastiff a good investment? A mastiff or maso can be a great investment if you are looking for family security. A huge dog with a low bark can scare off intruders in a heart beat. They also stay close to your children, protecting them from all kinds of danger and harm. A mastiff is also a very well behaved and lovable dog and they love affection and give it back 10 fold. This will have a calming effect on humans, and is known to lower blood pressure and relieve stress…. They also make fantastic walking partners, protecting you from other people and strange threatening dogs while you are out getting your exercize and giving you companionship at the same time, and EXCELLENT babysitters!!!

7) Why should I give my dog ester C and Nuvet supplements? Aren’t they born healthy? Yes, they are born healthy, but anyone can take any healthy dog and make it unhealthy in a short amount of time by not providing adequate nutrition. 2/3’s of the human population is overweight and unhealthy. Were they all born this way? Of course not… It is soooo much cheaper to prevent health problems than to TRY and cure them.

The commercial dogfoods can be the biggest killer! Please read “Healthy pup food” page! Also Ester C in the diet has been proven to prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia. http://www.belfield.com/pet_health_art9.php Fast growing breeds like the mastiff need this in their diets. Nuvet has all the herbs and minerals your dog would get in his diet if he was wild and eating what God intended him to eat. Ever wonder why wolves are so healthy (barring wounds) while your typical purebred house pooch is loaded with ailments?? Blame the dogfood manufacturers! All they care about is getting rid of products not fit for human use in any way, shape or form, and still being able to profit from it…. Very, Very sad!

8) How much do these huge dogs eat? The mastiffs may surprise you in that they typically do not eat any more than a German Shepherd or a Lab would. The reason is that they have a lower metabolism and are alot calmer than shepherds or labs. It is also less expensive to feed a nutrient dense, holistic, high quality food than to feed junk commercial dogfood. This is because even though the holistic dogfood is more per bag, you feed less of it and it costs less per serving http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/SaveMoney.html

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