Family Photos

Johns 47 bday 002
 cowboy John 005

HAPPY  47 Birthday Sweetheart!!

 Us at the Gauley

My Man cleaning the pool

male fawn1234 003
Baby Turkeys and Chickens helping John fix the fence and snuggling!
Out on the boat on Summersville Lake

So cold the river is almost frozen all the way across!

My Gorgeous Man with a Gorgeous puppy!

Target practice on my 57th B-day…

Target practice on my 57th B-day…

My Baby with Oynx…

My Man building the addition

a dogs life…

Its cold outside!

on the railroad

My Baby

Too much birthday fun with my man!

My gorgeous Fiancee
Thanksgiving buck
me and my boy at the water

Me and my man, John, above waterfall

Get-n-er done!

All my boys Christmas morning!!!

My boys cuttin it up

my truck

Our Vacation, June 2007 at Corova 4 WD Beach NC. We had a blast!!!

Para sailing

Wild spanish mustangs of Corova

Way too much wave riding

Visit with the Monster trucks on the way home…

Chaz and Zach with El Toro Loco

old house in VA

One of our gardens 2007 looking down from Sunroom

Christmas 2006

Smile everyone!!
8 batteries??

Help, I’m getting lost!!

Way too busy!!!

Before the destruction!!

Looks like I get to shop till I drop!!!!!

UMMMM lotsa chocolate!!

Nothing like a nice warm robe! Thanks Skye and Chaz!

SWWEEEEET! A new jet ski!!!!


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