Available Pups

We had a litter born on 2/17. If you got a pup from this litter then I have already contacted you. Everyone else has moved up in line and will be contacted once I have a pup born for you…

 To those who wish to reserve a pup:


The waiting list for  females is short, and the males list is a lot shorter than it was…

We have upcoming litters due to be born in feb, and April…We take deposits to put people in order of pick according to the color and gender that they prefer. Our waiting lists are usually kinda long because this breed is one of the best dogs you will ever own. Almost all of our business is repeat business and word of mouth.. If you want a Giant Maso Mastiff puppy and are willing to WAIT for one, then we will take a deposit to put you in line. The deposit is not refundable…  If you are not willing to wait and are an impatient person, then we will not take your deposit… I cannot control the fact that a dog may have all females when you want a male and vice versus, or won’t have the right color /gender combo you prefer in the right week you need one… etc etc When this happens your deposit goes to the next litter until you get the pup you want. It takes time… And I have no way of knowing how long it will take… So if you are a patient , kind and caring person, and want the best dog you ever had and are willing to wait to get what you want, then feel free to contact us. Thanks so much for understanding…




We had a litter born on feb 17th. I have already contacted everyone getting a pup from this litter…But I have not heard back from everyone yet.. Everyone else has moved up in line. I will contact everyone waiting when we have a pup born for you…







If you want to reserve a puppy,

 We can trade  a pup for equal value on a Lowes gift card and you can use your store card to purchase the gift card for low minimum  payments for you!



 Rare Blue fawn below


Now taking deposits if you are willing to wait

We cannot reserve a puppy for you

without a deposit… Litters are ALWAYS sold

before they are born and always before they

are ready to go…

puppzzzzz 002 puppzzzzz 003 puppzzzzz 001





barter ideas below



Also reasonably priced delivery available anywhere in the US!

We do not take applications, as we find them rude, impersonal and annoying. We just love to hear about you and your family and what kind of home you can offer one of our pups, in your own words… And once you have your pup, we love updates!


Email us for more info

phone service here is pretty much non existent lately!



 tes4 morgan diesal tes6 morgan diesel tes3 yvonne baker tes1 tes 2 kathey norbury

Frankie, a gorgeous “BLUE” Giant Maso Pup, living in Ca.



Giant Maso Mastiffs pups are $1000…

Rare blue Masos (any gray with or without fawn legs) and blue fawns (fawn with gray highlights and gray masks) are $1500 OR LETS BARTER!


GIANT MASO MASTIFF Deposit & payments are Either half down and the last half due at pickup or before delivery


$250 before birth and $250 more at birth, and last half of $500 due at pickup or before we deliver, if needed…… On Rare blues the deposit is $375 – $750 before birth…

Once born the deposit is $500-$750 OR Barter

We are now taking deposits to put you in order of pick according to the color and gender you prefer…. Please email us for details at Thrtkennel@aol.com


big brindle boys 020

fawn boy 021230




Want a pup, but short on cash? Just get a gift card, with your store card 

from Tractor Supply, Lowes,  Walmart etc with minimum

payments on your store card, for you, so to speak,  for the equivalent value of the puppy,

and we trade gift card for the puppy … Will Also barter for the

items listed below

We also offer payment plans…

BARTER….. or partial Barter

With the economy the way it is, we have had many people requesting to barter or trade, for a new puppy love in their life… Since we are building a house, ETC, we are open to barter on things like:

Treated Decking or Trex decking (need a lot)

claw foot bath tub in excellent condition or a freestanding acrylic tub, new…

OR LOWES gift cards to buy the stuff



Honda 3000 generator, running or not


 T-1 11 smart siding. Bead board, white

Solar generator/panels etc

Deep Cycle/ marine batteries…



Metal Roofing green

wood lathe



Blue Cane corso male or female, dog or pup

Maine Coon, Savannah, or Bengal  Kitten


?????????  send us ideas!

Gift/ STORE Cards

from Lowes, Walmart or Tractor Supply, Southern States or any store that carries the items that we need to purchase … This helps if you have a store credit card that you can make small payments on, but have no cash for a pup, then we can trade and you get your baby and we get what we need …

If what you have to barter is not listed, then just ask…. We may just need it!

Email us to reserve your pup at thrtkennel@aol.com


Email us to reserve yours now…. thrtkennel@aol.com

5 year health guarantee!!!!



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